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Letter sent to Pocoshock Veterinarians & Staff

From Duke and his Owner, Brian Sr:

A family that lived across the road from me, that I only knew by waving hello occasionally, moved, and left their dog behind, running loose in the yard.  I have had several dogs during my lifetime and my heart was broken to see this dog abandoned like trash.  I started giving food to the dog daily, and when it was apparent they weren't coming back for this friendly animal I took it upon myself to take possession of the dog and put him in my fenced yard.

He never tried to escape, and always greeted me with licks and rubbing his body up against mine.  He became my buddy quickly and I decided to keep him.  I took him to the ASPCA to be neutered, given his shots and licensed.  Unfortunately he tested positive for heartworms.

I called many veterinarians and hospitals to see what the cost is to treat this.  I am disabled on a very low fixed income, and was looking for information as to what the cost could be, just a ball park number, to see if I could help my new friend, or if I would have to surrender him to the ASPCA so he could get the proper care.

No one would help me, they all refused to give me any information at all, and they all said that I would have to make an appointment with the vet for any information as to cost, even after I explained he did test positive for it and was just looking for possibly the lowest, and possibly the highest it could cost.  They just said what I was looking to avoid, spending much needed money on a visit and retest only to find out I could never afford to help him.

I decided to make one more call, and found your hospital's number.  I explained my situation to the staff member who answered the phone, and was pleasantly surprised when she gave me a fast run down as to what the treatment might entail, and a rough number as to cost in the worst case scenario, and how even after treatment the dog could have severe medical problems.  She was polite and showed she truly wanted to help me as to the information I was looking for so I could make an informed decision as to what to do.

It was easy to see that I had contacted a first rate and caring animal facility, so I decided to get a loan on the car I own and help my buddy, knowing that I was putting my only transportation in jeopardy and that I might loose my car, but Duke needed my help and had already given me more love than my car was worth, so I made the appointment and brought him in.

The Doctor was caring, knew her profession, and explained what she wanted to do to treat Duke.  I left the hospital knowing Duke was getting the best care possible, and felt relieved that he was getting what he needed to make him better.

I returned at the end of the day to pick Duke up, and when given the bill it was evident that the Doctor did what Duke needed, but also managed to keep the cost as low as possible, an action that I am extremely grateful for.  And I did not have to loose my car after all getting Duke treated.  And to top all this off the medicine Duke needed was donated to him.

I can not put into words how Thankful I am to your organization.  It is doctors and staff like yours that make this world a better place to live in.  Duke is not just a dog, he is my companion, and I love him.  And you gave him the best care knowing how important he is to me, something that the other places I contacted made apparent they could not do.  If they could not give me the little information I was looking for so I could decide what to do over the phone, how could I trust them.

You're the best, Thank you.

Duke & Brian

(April, 2011)

This is the kind of story that always gives us a warm fuzzy!