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Mandi's Story

Mandi is a cute little 4 year old black Terrier Mix.

In January, 2011, Mandi's owner, Natalie had an accident in her home.  She broke her shoulder and was incapacitated for several weeks.  During that time, her friends/family here at Pocoshock Animal Hospital (Pocoshock) and others did what we could to help her out.  One thing we did was to bring her dogs, Mandi and Cha Cha, and her cat, Charjen, to Pocoshock to care for them.

One weekend we took Mandi and Cha Cha to visit Natalie.  While there, Natalie let them out onto her back porch where they have access to her fenced in yard.  Unbeknownst to her or any of us, someone had left a gate open.  Cha Cha came back in but Mandi ran.  She has always been skittish due to her background prior to Natalie rescuing her.  Natalie, knowing how skittish Mandi is, thought she would never see Mandi again.

The rest of us jumped into action.  Bootsie, Tiffany, Jessie (family member), and Gayle drove street after street looking and calling for Mandi.  Nobody saw her anywhere.  The next day we made flyers with Mandi's picture on them and offered a reward.  Bootsie and Jessie drove around the entire area putting up flyers and still looking and calling for Mandi.  Everyday for almost a week one or more of us went out looking and calling for Mandi to no avail.  Natalie was now more certain than ever that she would never see her Mandi again.

THEN... one morning a week after Mandi disappeared, our own Dr. Larsen saw Mandi on her way to work.  She called Natalie who then called Bootsie and I and reported the location of the sighting.  Bootsie and I immediately drove to the area and started looking.  Then, WE SAW HER!  Now the trick would be getting Mandi to come to us.  We called for her and she stopped and turned to look at us.  When we took a step towards her though, she bolted and ended up running down the right lane of Broad Rock Road.  Cars and trucks swerved to miss her and all we could do at that moment was watch and pray.  She did not get hit and then ran down a side road.

Bootsie took me home and went back to look for Mandi while I went for reinforcements.  I picked up Jessie to come help and called Pocoshock to give everyone an update.  They suggested we take Cha Cha with us because Mandi adored Cha Cha and might come to her.  So we went to Pocoshock and got Cha Cha.

Just as we were leaving with Cha Cha, Bootsie called to say he had sighted her again and told us where to meet him.  Jessie, Cha Cha, and I took off.  When we got to the area we got out with Cha Cha on a leash.

We could see Bootsie walking in a field towards some woods.  Jessie started walking the same way.  I had Cha Cha and asked her, "Where is Mandi, Cha Cha?  Find Mandi."  Cha Cha led me to the left of the direction Bootsie and Jessie had gone.  She kept looking under a shed in someone's backyard so I looked too.  I did not see Mandi so we started waking towards Jessie (Bootsie had already disappeared into the woods).

About half way to Jessie, Cha Cha pulled on her leash.  I turned to look at Cha Cha and Mandi was standing right there between Cha Cha and me!  I immediately dove on top of Mandi before she decided to run again.  I tried to put the extra leash I brought on her and started calling to Jessie to help.  She came running, we got the leash on Mandi, found Bootsie, and took off in our vehicles to take Mandi home.

When we got to Natalie's her home care nurse and physical therapist were both there.  We carried Mandi in and all Natalie could do was cry, she was speechless - remember, she thought she would never see Mandi again.

We were all so happy and seeing Natalie's reaction just warmed our hearts.  Team work, a love for each other and a love of animals reunited Mandi with her family.